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||Bill Russell Animation Demo
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Project Description

This Animation Demo was edited by Michael Bornheim (Director of Jim Cummings, Billy West and Jess Hartnell); Vocal Direction by Stevie Vallance and Maz Hasan. The number 1 and 2 characters are from a teaser reel for a new animated series called Wannabeez. Directed by Maz Hasan, they are Monty and Don Pinto. The 3rd is a punch-drunk boxer from a random audition. The 4th is a German Granny Psychic Hotline, a character directed by Stevie Vallance in Chicago. Number 5 is a Shakespearean Cockroach also directed by Stevie V. in same studio. The 6th, 7th and 8th are a set of characters from a kooky website idea I wrote called and all of the characters did everything involved with driving. The 9th is a “Jimmy the Gourd” sound-a-like from A Very Veggie Christmas 2001 Live Show. Voices 10 and 11 are from the drive website idea I wrote and number 12, the final voice, is a very sexy female character. This one also was directed by Stevie Vallance in Jobe Cerny’s studio in Chicago for her “Tooned In Workshop.”